I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have spent a great part of my adult life in Toronto.    I also have been blessed to have had a previous career that has taken me to virtually every major city in Canada as a professional actor playing lead roles in such shows as THE LION KING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SEUSSICAL, SWEENEY TODD, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, THE HOBBIT, LES MISERABLES, to name but a few.  It was a wonderful career but in the end, it is my visual art that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to.


I still travel between both Winnipeg and Toronto, have art studios in both and after all this time I consider them both "home".



As a visual artist, I like to use bold and conflicting colours, shapes and textures as I explore an obsession of finding “the calm within chaos”. I will often use strong colours to assault and yet calm the senses at the same time.   I will also combine the opposing effects of texture with smooth luminosity — within the same space — until they find a shared and harmonious balance.


Much like life, that which may look simple at first, can be very complex upon a more detailed reflection and examination.


There also is an influence of cubism in my work as I am fascinated in how such perfect shapes as a square or rectangle can so quickly become imperfect. It is amazing how all you have to do is create the simplest rupture or distortion to these defined shapes and instantly you create an energy and an emotion that wasn’t there.


As of late, most of my artwork focuses on that precious moment of self-realization in life.  That moment when things are coming into focus or are retreating into the past.  That moment of uncertainty where the boldest of choices in life lie, and they are made.  Hence the dissolved or coming into focus shapes, with the use of strong and vibrant colours amidst the unknown mist of whites.


In most cases, there is no specific story behind any given artwork.  My exploration of trying to create calm within chaos usually means that an artwork decides what it will become all by itself.  It is my job as the artist to let that happen and not get in the way. 


But as in life, there are no steadfast rules for my exploration of art: Sometimes, a painting (or series of them) can reflect a story, a memory or an experience that I wish to share.  Perhaps even a reflection of my own emotional place at that given moment.  But even when that happens, I don’t necessarily want that story or emotion to be its overriding force. In the end, the most important thing is that I want each painting to have no boundaries imposed.  For it to have unlimited possibilities for the viewer’s imagination to simply take hold and see where it goes. 


The viewer and I connecting. 

Without words. 

Sharing our own private stories, thoughts and emotions.



University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB

Bachelor of Arts, Four Year Program: Theatre and Drama

Banff School of Fine Arts, Calgary, AB





The Artist Project

Riverdale Artwalk

Rosedale Art Fair



The Artist Project, Toronto



The Artist Project, Toronto

Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

Ottawa Art in the Park, Ottawa

Kingston Art Festival, Kingston



The Artist Project, Toronto

Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

Ottawa Art in the Park, Ottawa

Kingston Art Festival, Kingston

Cabbagetown Festival, Toronto, 

Solo show:  Liberty Market Gallery, Toronto



Riverdale Art Walk

Ottawa Art in the Park

Kingston Art Festival

Cabbagetown Festival

Solo show:  Liberty Market Gallery



ARTandem:Andrew and Emily, May 17th - July 5, Liberty Place Gallery, 150 East Liberty, Toronto

Quantum Colours, Solo Show, Brainstation/Quantum Coffee Gallery, 3rd Floor, 460 King St West, Toronto

Abstractions, Group Show, April 27 to May 30th, Liberty Market Lofts Gallery

The Abstructionists, Group Show, March 27th to April 27th, Liberty Market Lofts Gallery



Riverdale Art Walk, June 6-7th, Toronto

Artcrawl Resident Artist Showcase,  Stax Gallery, Hamilton

The Abstructionists,  Various Pop-up Venues, May and June, Toronto

Exploring Landscape Exhibition, January, Trias Gallery, Oakville

The Artist Project, Toronto  (February 19-22) Toronto



Riverdale Artwalk, June, Toronto

ACTING WITH PAINT Exhibition, May 22-June 15, Qlix Gallery, Toronto

OPENING NEW DOORS Exhibition, June 17 – July 7, Qlix Gallery, Toronto

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 4-6, Toronto



Cabbagetown Art Festival,  September

Queen West Art Crawl,  Sept 21-22

Art Walk North, Aug 15-16th.

Toronto Outdoor Art Expo,  July 7-9

North By North East Festival, June 10-16th, Toronto, Canada.  (Featured exhibitor)



Kyeyune!  Gladstone Hotel, Queen West, Toronto, June 16-19, 2011



Bloody Beauty-full! (Solo Show) The Citadel, Edmonton, Alberta. May 1-28

Queen West Art Crawl, Sept 17&18th, Toronto, ON



Riverdale Art Walk (Solo Show), Joy Bistro, June 6 – July 7th

Seeing Red, (Solo Show) Petroff Gallery, 1016 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, ON,

Toronto Art Expo, March



Candlelight, Solo Exhibition, Hangman Gallery, Toronto, ON

Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto, ON

Start Your Engines, Solo Exhibition, Fiorano Gallery, Toronto, ON

Toronto Art Expo, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, ON



Little Art Show, BMW Showroom, Toronto, ON

Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, ON

Testosterone, Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa, ON

Pure Abstract, Gallery Arta, Toronto, ON

Toronto International Art Expo, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, ON



Little Art Show, BMW Showroom, Toronto, ON, Queen West Art Crawl,Toronto,



Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto,ON,

Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto, ON


Corporate Collections and Galleries showing or having exhibited Andrews artwork:


Rubach Wealth Management, Toronto, ON, Heenan Blaikie Law Firm, Toronto, ON, GCAN Insurance Company, Toronto, ON, Odgers Berndtson, Toronto, ON, Tacita Capital Investments, Toronto, ON, Hill + Knowlton, Toronto, ON, Hair FX, Winnipeg , Soho Myriad Gallery (LA, Chicago and Atlanta), Kohl Gallery (Toronto), Trias Gallery (Toronto), Petroff Gallery (Toronto), Covent Garden (Wellington Ontario), Gallery Arta, Distillery District, Toronto, ON, Jacob Gallery, Toronto, ON, Snapdragon Gallery (Ottawa), Woodlands Gallery (Winnipeg), After Stonewall Gallery, Ottawa, ON, St. Germaine Gallery (Toronto), Qlix Studioz (Toronto), PI Creative Gallery (Toronto), Koyman Gallery (Ottawa)


Andrews work has also been presented as gifts to various Ministers and members of Canada’s Parliament.

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