How do commissions work?
Can I try an artwork before purchasing?
Do You Have A Specific Question?

Searching for the perfect piece of art for your space should be a fun and rewarding endeavour.  It is always exhilarating when you finally find "the one" you have been looking for. 

But sometimes, particularly when it comes to a larger artwork, there may be one more step.  You wonder:  "Even though I love it...Will it fit? Is it big enough? Will it work in the space? I don't want to be stuck with it when I get home if it doesn't!"

Well, no worries.  I am more than happy to deliver an artwork to you and let you try it in your space.  You may keep it for a week and see how you feel, under no obligation.*

*In the event the artwork had to be shipped, you will be responsible for shipping costs incurred.

Sometimes there may be an artwork you love but wonder if you can have it in a different size or colour scheme

The answer is, Yes! 

I am very happy to create a new artwork specifically for you.  All we need to do is meet, chat, explore my portfolio and find out what it is that you want and what attracts you.  I quite enjoy these collaborations as I almost always discover something new which furthers future possibilities in my exploration of my art.

It is amazing how few know this, but it is a resounding YES!

In general, the rules are that it must be a Canadian artist and the artwork must be $500+. (Update: now only $200!) If it meets that criteria, you get to write off 10% off the price in the first year and then 20% in the following years.

So it ends up being practically free over time!

Be sure to talk to your tax accountant to learn all of the specifics and how it may work for you.


Some businesses prefer to lease artwork for a year so they can have it changed every year.  As well, it provides them with a write-off for tax time.

Please contact me for further details if this interests you.

As well, sometimes you may need to rent an artwork for a short period of time for an event, a TV or film project or to stage a property for sale.

I do rent artwork and have worked with many stagers, set designers and real estate agents for this purpose.   In most cases, I can provide delivery and pick-up if necessary.

Please contact me for more details


If you see an artwork you love but feel you are not able to pay the full price upfront, I am quite happy to accept payment plans.  (With no interest, of course.)

Each situation is different, so don't be shy, just ask and I am sure we can work something out.


I am able to accept all major credit cards and personal cheques.

Is it true you can write-off art for tax purposes?