These cubist, minimalistic, landscapes are a new world I am playing in.  They are inspired by two worlds. The seemingly never-ending expansive prairie landscape -- in the winter and summer -- and its one-of-a-kind blue sky and gentle clouds. As well, they are my exploration of the horizon over Lake Winnipeg, the Great Lakes, and Ontario cottage country that I am blessed to often frequent.

No matter which you choose -- the blue horizon over land or water -- I hope they do the same for you as they do for me as I paint them: Give you peace and calm and remind you to "just breathe".


I am providing you with the opportunity to view both available and sold artworks. Often a client will find that they want a commissioned artwork in a different size from something that may have already sold, so they are a great resource for you to also consider.

If an available artwork is not in my inventory but with a gallery representing my work, their contact info will be provided so that you can contact them directly.