SEND IN THE CLOWN is a story about humanity. An illustration of how our fears towards people different than us, separates us. How we so often try and suppress diversity and how it can stop people from achieving greatness or from gaining the recognition they deserve.

It could not be a more appropriate story for our times. 

If you love an underdog, you will love this story.

If you, or you know of someone, suffering from a mental or physical challenge and have encountered or witnessed unfair consequences because of it, you will love this story.

If you like a wrong being righted and like to see someone get their due, you will love this story.

If you have never heard the name of the Canadian sports hero Moe Norman before -- and even if you have -- please come and enter into his world with me. You will be glad you did. His life journey has fascinated me for decades and I strongly suspect it will for you too. If you have ever had to hide a true part of yourself or had to change who you are just to fit in or belong -- and regretted it -- this story is for you.

Sample Reviews:

"I knew Moe well and had the pleasure of spending time with Moe in both Florida (Royal Oak) and Alberta (Belvedere Golf Club). SEND IN THE CLOWN is an incredible portrayal and the facts are extremely accurate. I could feel Moe's cadence and personality throughout the book. Fantastic job Andrew Stelmack. Moe would have loved it!!! "
Garry Meyer, PGA of Canada, Class A Life Member, past PGA National Board Member

"An enjoyable and captivating read. Finished the book quickly. Couldn't put it down. Well done."  The Golf Podcast Live

"Andrew Stelmack brings Moe Norman to life in a unique, stylized way. One of the best golf books of 2022."  Alan Shipnuk, American Sportswriter and co-owner of Fire Pit Collective, previous senior writer at Sports Illustrated.

"A bold undertaking to present Moe Norman's life in this way rather than a non-fiction biography. Works well at drawing the character of Moe Norman." Golf Monthly

"If you ever wanted to spend a day with Moe Norman, this is your chance. A must read for any sports fan and golfers in general."  Amazon Reader Review

"A very well written book about life, and the life of Moe Norman. A great read."  Amazon Reader review

Both heartbreaking and inspiring. Canadian Andrew Stelmack, who has had a very successful career as both an actor and visual artist, has added novelist to his list of accomplishments. His first novel, "Send in the Clown" is a touching, poignant fictionally based story based on the legendary and enigmatic Canadien golfer Moe Norman. Moe's story is well documented in biographies written by both Lorne Rubenstein and Tim O'Connor. But what Andrew Stelmack succeeds in doing in this book is to bring Moe Norman to life on the page enabling the reader to really feel the pain, sadness, struggles and rejection he faced throughout his life trying to fit the status quo (especially in the golf world at that time). Kudos to Andrew Stelmack for retelling Moe's story as we can all benefit from the message that being different can be a blessing, a gift, not a detriment. Mr. Stelmack ends his book with an apt quote by Canadien golfer Mike Weir, "The world missed out on a little bit of genius." J. Lyons

I couldn't put it down. I have read many books, that while reading, I could not put down. I have NEVER come across one like yours, where all I could think of was - when am I going to be able to pick it up again? Why do I have to stop and make supper or anything else? Needles to say, it was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Thank you for all the wonderful hours! Can't wait for the next one!!! V. Meiers

Celebrate a Canadian sports legend. The story of Moe Norman was very interesting. I have shared it with several people here at Lions Place Winnipeg, and all have found it informative and entertaining. Golf heroes of the Moe Norman era are not well known. It is wonderful to have this story. It is easy to read. It is humourous. And for the beginner at golf, it has a good deal of valuable terminology, which is easily understood from the text. Moe Norman was at one time a guest at the Charleswood Golf and Country Club. One of our LP residents was the pro at that course at that time. He said "I really enjoyed watching his techniques. He didn't talk much, but he could sure hit that ball straight down the freeway." We look forward to having Andrew Stelmack come to Lions Place this August to tell us stories about how he decided to write the book, research he needed to do, and inside stories about Moe. Highly recommended, even for folks who have only played golf in front of their TV. G. Brown

Great book, great story and well written.  C.S.

Touching and so relevant. Andrew Stelmack's novelized accounting of the life of the great Moe Norman truly touched my heart. When I was a high school kid, I got to play 18 holes with Moe in an unknown golf course in a small Ontario town, and it is such a treasured memory. Moe was one of a kind, and we all know the struggles that people like that have to endure. There is definitely a terrific play that this book could become, and what a great film it would make. This is the kind of story that leaves you feeling a better, more accepting and generous person. W. Fidler

A message the entire world could use. A great story and message that the entire could use right now. Moe was an amazing man and his story is truly inspiring. M. Praught

A rare find. What a wonderful read and a rare find. How often do you come across a book that speaks to so many different kinds of readers?

It is clear from the onset of the story that Mr. Stelmack used his skill and experience as a very successful actor, to get into the shoes of Moe Norman so acurately that it enables us to see and experience Moe in a way none of the other very good books about Moe I have previously read.
Not only does this book put many of the otherwise humorous anecdotes about him into a better light but it reminds us that we still have a long way to go to accepting those different than us.

This book is so good I suggested to my wife to read it too. Which she did, although she rarely would even consider reading a book related to sports. She liked it so much, she then gave it to our daughter who loved it as well. "Very cool book" "Too bad people still aren't learning to be better yet."

This book is a must-read for everyone. I can't wait to see what Mr. Stelmack writes next. Highly recommended.  

I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a great read. One of the few books I’ve read in the past year that I looked forward to reading every night. R. Paterson

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Andrew's debut novel! I am going to sound like a teacher but oh well…Imagery, vocabulary, descriptive phrases….all there! Made me feel like I knew Moe by the end and often made me think of some students I have encountered over my career. I loved the analogy of the two white and one orange golf balls! Great job! I look forward to your next novel…you have a new fan!  C. Woods

This is a great read! A few pages in and I felt I knew Moe. Andrew paints such a vivid picture of his whole persona! This book is a gift to all who read it. M. Koop

Eleven stars out of ten! The inspirational book of the year! I loved "Send in the Clown". Right from the first page I was gripped.  J. England

#1 Best Seller on Amazon and Kindle.

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