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I find it interesting that when I first released this DOODLES artwork series a lot of the reactions I received were: "It seems to have an aboriginal influence to it", or "a first-nations feel" and I even heard people felt some "Mexican vibe" influence.  In any event, a very "cultural" kind of comment was often the response.  I was even asked what artists inspired me because while it was colourful like most of my usual work, these were different.  There were even circles in them!

I find that interesting because nothing could be further from the truth.

Many of you know that I had never picked up a paintbrush before 2005.  And I do mean never.  The desire to paint literally came out of nowhere. I am completely self-taught and this life-changing shift in middle age to becoming a successful visual artist still surprises me to this day.  (And for which I am ever thankful and eternally grateful.)

BUT...while I never had picked up a paintbrush...I had picked up a pen.

As a child, I doodled on EVERYTHING.  Books, scribblers, any spare piece of paper and I am sure, a few places my parents were not very happy about.  And all I really had at my disposal was an ink pen.

I had totally forgotten that.

Then one summer three years ago -- completely out of the blue as I lazed on the pier fishing -- some images suddenly flooded into my mind.

My doodles!!! 

Out of nowhere, I remembered how I used to do these and thought "I need to see if I could do this with my paint!"

The next thing you know I was at my easel and these flowed out of me as if it were yesterday.  As if I were ten again!  As if, no time had passed at all. But now, I can add my fifteen years of artistic skill to them.

What I find most incredible is that these have been sitting inside of me -- ever so patiently -- for the last forty years waiting to come out. Patiently biding their time, until the time was right.  Waiting for their chance to fill me with joy again.

And are they ever.

So, while people may think there is some form of cultural or ethnic influence in these works -- and I am okay with that -- the truth is there is not.

These are Andrew.

Andrew at 10 years old.

I hope you enjoy meeting this part of me as much as I love getting reacquainted with him.